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Sustainable vegetable oils, fats, and natural lecithin ingredients

Consumers become more selective in their product choices. They want to know the origin or the source of your product. As well that your product is being produced in a responsible way and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Plant-based oils and fats ingredients are vital to your product's success in today's market.

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The latest processing technology is being used to produce your ingredients. Also, you get access to our knowledge of vegetable oils, fats, lecithin, and functional ingredients and chemistry.

You can be confident that you are doing the right thing for your company, your customers, and the planet by using our plant-based ingredients in your product.

  • An extended source of vegetable oil raw materials to meet your needs.
  • All key vegetable oil processing capabilities at one location to tailor the best fat functionality for your product.
  • Pilot plant, application kitchen, research lab, artificial intelligence for developing the next generation oils and fats solutions for your application.
  • Part of the largest global sustainable palm oil company in the world which guarantees a constant supply of raw materials.
  • Sustainable oils (RSPO), Kosher, and Halal certified products are available.

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Oils and fats ingredients from trusted sustainable sources

Our task is to produce and source our raw materials from sustainable sources. The RSPO (Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oils) audits the palm oil estates. You have the warranty that your palm based ingredients only comes from sustainable sources.

Also, the RSPO rules safeguard nature and local communities. The integrated supply chain is being monitored from the seed to the finished oil product.

So, it is the right choice for your company and your customers. We can help you to switch over to sustainable plant-based oil ingredients.

You can count on our key focus areas:


Your reputation for superior product performance is a critical contributor to achieving on-going quality excellence.

So, you need a trusted partner in every step throughout the value chain.


You get personalised technical support.

Moreover, you have access to three Innovation Centres to support you in the development of new innovative food concepts.


You can join a leading role in the development and promotion of sustainable practices in the palm oil sector.


From seed to finished product, you can rely on an integrated provider of vegetable oils and fats across the value chain.

Extensive range of quality ingredients for food, feed, non-food applications

You will have a choice of an extensive range of high-quality vegetable oils and fats products. Also, you can choose from a range of advanced natural lecithin products that you can use alongside.

Our products guarantee high quality, performance, and reliability with world-class sustainability credentials.