Plant-based dairy-free fats ingredients

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Do you want an effective and delicious dairy-free fat alternative in your product?

A growing number of consumers have a dairy intolerance. Estimated is that an average of 65% (source) of the global population has lactose intolerance. Dairy products contain an amount of lactose content. So, dairy alternatives or substitutes fit with a vegan diet and are an effective alternative to butter.

VemorĀ® dairy-free fats and oils

We offer a exclusive range of high quality non-dairy oils and fats for plant-based dairy application. Besides, you can use non-dairy fat in combination with dairy ingredients to lower the saturated fat levels in your products without losing the quality you desire. The Vemor product series are developed for the following categories:

  • Non-dairy creamers
  • Soft Cheese
  • Toppings
  • Whiteners

You can use VemorĀ® dairy-free fats as an alternative or partially replacement to animal-based fats.

Vemor dairy free oils and fats

Vemor dairy free substitutes key benefits

Tailored functional properties

Vemor non-dairy substitute fats meet the demands of stability, good texture, and appearance for your products.

Light and stable

The balance between excellent whipping properties and emulsion stability is a critical consideration in non-dairy cream products.

Addresses dietary needs

There is a growing demand for alternative diets including vegan, vegetarian and lactose intolerance free. Besides, some religions do not allow dairy in food products.

Cost effective

Vemor is an excellent cost-effective alternative to butterfat. Because of the excellent fat functionality, it will not compromise on quality and taste.

Comparison of optimal solid fat curves (SFC) for Vemor dairy-free alternatives in toppings

Liquid dairy-free toppings are successful alternatives to dairy creams. Plant-based alternatives, such as Vemor 343 and 470, show better stability of the whipped product than standard dairy creams. Moreover, they have a quick melting in the mouth, and a nice overrun to get the right texture.

vemor solid fat curve for dairy alternatives in toppings

Vemor portfolio of quality non-dairy fats and oils ingredients

At our production sites, we have extensive blending facilities to enrich your dairy-free product. You can choose from a range of natural functional ingredients to enrich your product, such as Bolec and Sunlec lecithins and Vitolio.

Main applications for Vemor dairy substitutions
Brand serie Description
Vemor 300, 400 Vegetable fats as a replacer for dairy fats