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Do you want the best deep frying oils for tasty fried products?

The quality of fried food depends on many things including frying conditions, choice of raw materials and above all the type of oil you fry in. You need a deep frying oil which withstands the rigors of deep-frying whilst meeting consumers’ demand for healthy, tasty and sustainable fried products.

HappyCook® and Delico® deep frying fats and oils

HappyCook® offers a range of deep frying fats for industrial deep frying to deliver customised performance across a wide range of frying concepts such as:

  • Fried onions
  • French fries
  • Donuts
  • Crisps

Delico® offers a range of deep frying fats for foodservice deep frying to deliver customised performance across a wide range of frying concepts such as:

  • French fries
  • Fish
  • Scotch eggs
  • Spring rolls
HappyCook and Delico deep fring oils and fats

HappyCook and Delico deep frying fats key benefits

Making the right choice

It is important to choose an oil suited for your particular application, that will complement the type of food you are preparing. HappyCook and Delico offer a range of industrial and foodservice products designed for different frying applications.

Responding to the latest health trends

In 2021 new legislation will come into force setting a maximum limit for trans fats in finished food products. As a result, you can no longer use partially hydrogenated fats for deep frying. We have introduced our HappyCook 200 range, which contains ZERO TRANS fats and lower levels of saturated fats.

Longer frying life

If you need oxidative stability and a long fry-life, then we have a range of long life frying oils for the foodservice market. Delico TWENTY and PRO are well suited to meet these critical requirements. Besides, they are available in a range of convenient pack sizes.

Cost in use savings

HappyCook and Delico range of high quality versatile frying oils will deliver excellent performance at an affordable price.

Health rating in relation to oil stability of HappyCook

Consumers are increasingly conscious of what they eat and the need for a healthy and balanced diet. The nutritional profile of the frying oil you use is an important consideration. Getting the right balance between oxidative stability, fry life and nutritional profile can be difficult to achieve.

For this reason, we have developed a range of HappyCook and Delico products, allowing customers to select the most appropriate product to meet their particular application and nutritional needs.

Nutritional profile of HappyCook deep frying fats

health stability deep frying oils

Our portfolio of quality deep fryong oils and fats

HappyCook is an excellent and versatile frying media for almost all your frying activities such as bulk frying of pre-fried frozen French fries, commercial production of potato chips, donuts, and fried onions. Delico deep-frying oil range is the No.1 choice for the professional foodservice industry. From French fries to donuts, spring rolls to scotch eggs we have a product that will meet your needs.

HappyCook deep frying oils for industrial use

Brand serie Description
HappyCook 100 Standard frying oils with SAFA more than 45%
HappyCook 200 Healthy frying oils with SAFA less than 45%
HappyCook 300 Premium low SAFA frying oils enriched with natural product improving ingredients
Delico deep frying oils for foodservice use

Brand serie Description
Finest Excellent frying for regular use
Twenty Last up to 20% longer than standard deep frying oil
PRO Longer lasting frying performance

Delico frying oils are available in boxes and tubs. Click here to find more information on our foodservice products.