Plant-based ice cream fats ingredients

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Do you want to create the best ever dairy-free ice cream?

The enjoyable sensation of eating ice cream comes from the combination of taste and creaminess. Cremex® ice cream fats are designed to deliver a creamy texture combined with excellent flavor release at mouth temperature through the use of carefully selected fat blends.

Cremex® vegetable oils and fats for non dairy ice cream products

Our ice cream fats portfolio consist of plant based oils and fats ingredients for the following applications:

  • Ice cream
  • Soft ice
  • Desserts
  • Aerated products

Creating the desired ice cream structure and melting perception is all about finding the right subtle balance between recipe, processing conditions and fat crystallization functionality during ageing. The crystallization functionality, melting profile and volatile flavour compounds of the Cremex® formulations are optimal for manufacturing creamy products that fits well to the consumers’ desire for real indulgent brand.

Ice Cream fats for ice creams and aerated products

Cremex ice cream fats key benefits

Tailored functional properties

Creating the perfect structure and melting profile in an ice cream is a subtle balance between recipe, processing conditions and the right choice of fat. We offer a range of Cremex products specifically designed to provide an outstanding performance across a wide range of non-dairy applications.

Great creamy taste

Creamy texture is vital for a good ice cream and is a result of having an even distribution of ice crystals, fat and air bubbles. Cremex fats are designed to work in conjunction with other ingredients to provide excellent texture and aeration properties.

Plant-based continues to gain traction

Non-dairy ice cream is a healthier alternative to traditional dairy based ice creams and an appealing alternative for people with a lactose intolerance.

Responding to the latest health trends

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for a healthy and balanced diet. Cremex offers all the enjoyment you expect from traditional dairy ice cream but with 30% less saturated fat.

Challenge to create taste perceptions that equaled those given by ice creams based on dairy fat, or coconut oil, both rich in saturated fats.

In line with the call to reduce saturated fat levels we have introduced Cremex 208, a revolutionary new development which delivers 50% less saturated fat compared to other traditional non-dairy fats (coconut oil) but without having to compromise on performance.

In an expert sensory evaluation Cremex 208 outperformed coconut oil in almost every area.

  • Rich creaminess and excellent taste perception
  • No adaptations in most existing ice cream recipes and production processes
  • Saturated fat levels as low as 40%

Sensory evaluation of Cremex ice cream fats

Sensory evaluation of Cremex ice cream fats

Creamy non-dairy ice cream fats

Cremex is our range of branded of ice cream fats for use in aerated foods such as ice creams, frozen desserts, shakes and smoothies. At the heart of ice cream, Cremex delivers a creamy texture, excellent melting characteristic and good overrun.

Main applications for plant-based Cremex ice cream fat
Brand serie SAFA N10 solids Description
Cremex 100 > 60 % 50 - 75 % A traditional coconut oil-based product
Cremex 200 50 - 60% 35 - 50% Formulations with SAFA levels of 50-60%
Cremex 300 35 - 50% 30 - 35% Reduced saturated fat (as low as 40% SAFA)