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We make the difference through the staff, a team of dedicated professionals, who value customers, deliver on promises, and aim for a challenging long-term relationship. We provide customers with the best value and consistent quality of plant-based speciality ingredients for the industry by actively exploring opportunities beyond boundaries.

The strategic goal is to go one step further and to anticipate our customer demands. Our products improve the ease of processing, reduce total production costs, and improve the performance of the customer’s product.

You can rely on our expertise on plant-based ingredients such as lecithin for your food, non-food or feed product. Moreover, we are an independent producer with or own sales, R&D, production, and supply chain. The advantage of being independent is that we cut lead times and improve our responsiveness for our customers.

Next, you can count on our international experience in supplying speciality ingredients across the world. Besides, we can help you with:

  • The arrangement of transport
  • Take care of the needed international import and export documents
  • Offer a customized supply and storage solution

We go beyond boundaries for you!

4 key reasons why you should choose us

Tailored functional properties

For high PC value or higher polarity of the phospholipid molecules, you need premium quality lecithin. Our technology can produce these unique lecithin properties.

Single point of contact

For all your lecithin needs you can work together with our research and development. You can count on reducing lead-times and flexibility in delivery.

Independent lecithin supplier

You can be sure of constant quality and supply of lecithin. We audit, produce, and sourcing lecithin from dedicated crushers around the world.

Logistics expertise

We can help you with the arrangement of international transport, take care of the needed international import and export documents. Also, we can offer a customised supply and storage solution.

Lecithin speciality ingredients

Lecithin is added in relatively small quantities in many applications, but it has a significant impact on quality and functionality. Due to globalization, premium quality of lecithin has become a necessity for producers all around the globe.

Over the last years we have seen small local producers and large multinationals in all continents in search of specific lecithin that assist them in their emulsification and nutrition needs. This requires technology to produce premium quality lecithin and logistical expertise to ship globally.

In Zwijndrecht we produce high quality modified lecithin and phospholipids. We can fortify or improve your final products without losing constant quality. We use fractionation and hydrolyzation to produce tailored functionalities. Our top modified lecithin products are Bolec and Sunlec.

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