Sustainable palm oil ingredients

6-10 times more efficient than other crops

Are you striving to minimise the ecological footprint with sustainable palm oil?

There is an increase in pressure on the use of sustainable ingredients in products. We all have to limit our ecological footprint which contributes to global warming, which threatens our planet. So, we have to cut our carbon footprint, protect biodiversity in our landscapes and ensure responsible waste and water management. We are a trusted supplier of sustainable palm oil products.

How can you limit your ecological footprint?

Environmentalists are on the lookout for companies that are not taking the environment seriously. So, you need a supplier who plays a leading role in the development and promotion of sustainable practices. Our research department is working on breakthroughs to improve our impact on the environment. They are searching and researching means and ways to increase yield, optimize costs and cut wastage. The RSPO observes and controls all our operations. You can be sure that all the palm oil is harvest according to the Best Manufacturing Practices and Principles and Criteria.

4 important reasons to buy sustainable palm oil:

  • 6-10 times more efficient
  • Balanced fatty accid composition
  • Versatile use in many applications
  • Productive lifetime of around 30 years

Vegetable palm oil is the most efficient crop in the world!

sustainable palm oil is most efficient oil

Guaranteed of NO deforestation and NO development on peatland

In 1985 we already started zero burning techniques in the plantations. This means that we are not burning trees when they are not productive anymore. Instead, we use the old trees as compost to grow new ones.

Today, you need to know where your supplies come from is a key element to help halt deforestation. The solution we offer is an open online tool called Crosscheck. This allows you to trace supplies back to the source. Also, this tool allows us to identify if problems exist and take action. You can trust us for responsible agricultural practices.

Our palm oil sustainability purpose:

Contribute to a better society
  • Respect and uphold fundamental human rights
  • Engage and empower communities towards inclusive development
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment
Minimise environmental harm
  • Protect and conserve biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Reduce climate change impacts and enhance resilience
  • Promote responsible consumption and production
Deliver substainable development
  • Instil a culture of integrity and operational excellence
  • Promote supply chain transparency and sustainability
  • Adopt and enhance leading quality and sustainability standards