Vegetable oils, fats, and lecithins ingredients

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Vegetable Oils and Fats

Application Brand Description View page
Bakery GoldBake Dough fats for biscuits, cakes and pastries Read more
Confectionery MasterCraft Coating and filling fats for biscuits, waffles and pralines Read more
Dairy-free Vemor Dairy milk alternative for creams, toppings and vegan products Read more
Ice cream Cremex Dairy replacer for ice cream and aerated products Read more
Frying HappyCook Bulk frying oils for french fries, crips and onions Read more
Industrial margarine Pastrex Vegetable fats for bakery margarines Page is under construction
Savoury Vemor Fats for bouillon cubes, dried soups and sauces Page is under construction
Margarines and Spreads Delico Hardstocks for spreads, margarine and mélanges Read more
Emulsifiers Vemor Solid fat ingredients for emulsifiers and stabilisers Page is under construction
Candles UmCandle Paraffin substitutes for candles Read more
Oleochemicals Ralec Oils and fats for cosmetics and detergents Page is under construction
Animal feed Umfeed Oils and fats for calf milk replacers, pet food and aqua feed Page is under construction

Lecithin and functional ingredients

Application Brand Description View page
lecithin Sunlec and Bolec Hydrolised and fractionated sunflower or soybean lecithins Read more
Colorant / Antioxidant Vitolio Natural colourant and antioxidant for food and feed products Read more
Formula Vitafactor Natural ingredients for infant formula and clinical nutrition Page is under construction
Fat flakes Prifex Plant-based fat flakes for a wide range of food products Read more

Food Service Products

Application Brand Description View page
Bakery GoldBake Margarines and shortenings for puff pastries and cakes Read more
Deep frying Delico Professional frying oils for foodservice applications Read more
Vegetable ghee Delico Forks and Spoons Alternative to clarified butter Page is under construction